Hans Harland-Hue is a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Environmental Design; the culmination of conceptual architecture and urban planning. Since a very young age, Hans knew he wanted to be an artist-inventor and always had a connection to the natural world. From this, all personal art and design is a direct manifestation of planet wide conservation and the education of its people.

Hans’s professional career began in sunny Santa Fe where he interned at Architectural Alliance; gaining knowledge in Santa Fe Style construction. From 2014 – present, Hans freelances as an architectural / interior designer, working primarily within the private residence sector. When residential projects are light, Hans builds his fine art portfolio which includes furniture collaborations with Lisa Samuel, Owner-designer-President of Samuel Design Group. In 2015, Hans founded Envicloud; a social network conservation company which is still under development. Hans believes bridges between architecture, fine art, and technology holds one of the keys to our salvation as a species.

fun_facts: Hans has dual-citizenship between Australia and the United States. He is half Vietnamese, enjoys pho, and the sweet, sweet vanilla smell of ponderosa pines.


Conception Haus is a design studio, founded by Hans Harland-Hue to challenge current societal norms within the eco-industry. Walking through carbon neutral structures and the use of earth friendly products make up the vast majority of the sustainable market. These current systems are sound and should be continued; however, all share a fundamental flaw: they lack ‘personal influence.’ How can we plant a seed within ones mind to carry a message, to alter a users’ actions starting with unconscious mental persuasion?

Personal influence is what we at Conception Haus strive for. To understand human nature requires in-depth experimentation; what makes us human, what makes us tick, how are we influenced, and coerced to do simple and complex tasks. Whether it’s by walking through structures designed to alter our senses, or the use of thought provoking artwork and text, we may very well be able to alter the conscious and unconscious mind. Once these advancements on psychological triggers are understood, the possibility of environmental change will be unprecedented.

Stay creative, stay green!

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