A SEA Gallery

836A, Canyon Road (505) 988-9140

Presents, New Kowloon Cities

Solo series by Hans Harland-Hue

Opening Night:

FRIDAY, JUNE 15 5.00PM – 7.30PM

Show Duration:



A SEA Gallery presents, ‘New Kowloon Cities,’ a series by local Santa Fe artist Hans Harland-Hue. This explorative project is a direct ode to humanity with depictions of Mother Earth, saved, due to the unification of human consciousness, structural environments, and biological form.


Although time may be cyclical and perhaps only understood through non- linear human thinking, I decided to adhere to specific parameters in order to not direct the message away from what must be heard. Therefore, I have created a humanocentric chronological timeline between the years: 2557 and 3452.

Why so far in the future? Because there aren’t enough dreamers anymore. Humans are quick to critique what they believe to be impossible. They fear things that are out of their control. If you pick a date close to 2018, this futurism project will be more of a battle of possibility and even reality:

“How can peace even be possible, and even if it is, it won’t be in my lifetime!”

“Artificial Intelligence? Did you watch the Matrix?!”

“Manifesting a house or a job or anything is impossible”

There is much that humans doubt, or predict, and it’s scattered because we have not upgraded to our higher selves as a collective. There’s not one person to blame for our lower vibration because it’s a joint effort. Perhaps the reason that we stay in the dark, constantly questioning, questioning, questioning, questioning, is because we are born with a ‘speed limiter.’ Our unconsciousness is constantly trying to keep us from learning the truth. The truth is that we have super human abilities. It is as if our own humanity is our very own jail cell and we have been in solitary confinement since the dawn of the white man.

But are we to blame? Is humanity our enemy? Are we inherently evil as a collective? Holding to account, our past and current histories towards one another and our planet; it is safe to say that power and greed is an ever powerful force. But there’s one thing that I believe to be more powerful, and that is self preservation. I cannot say who our Creators are and if they meant for this to be a crucial trait, but I believe this is how we will evolve. Some day we will be tested by Mother Earth herself and we must adapt, leave the Earth, or die with our spirit becoming one with the land.

So should we take any credit if we are forced to evolve to prevent our extermination? I don’t know. As a human being, I do not have the foresight to answer that kind of question. On one hand, we’re just performing a human duty. Maybe we should thank our Creators for giving us one lifeline. On the other hand, I think the humans that decide to stay on Earth will face the hardest task: the transformation of our consciousness into something much more spiritual and connected. It is these humans that very well may break free from the confines of what it is to be human, transcending our understanding of evolution.

So why so much talk on humankind and hardly anything on advanced technologies involved? Humans are complex. To break away from being human is much more difficult than creating a warp drive, or being able to talk to trees, or to live within fluid structures that can take any shape or be transported to any location.

All of this, is what I believe must happen. Are there holes in this timeline? Probably. But this exploration through these mediums of dialogue and art is how I want to implant the seed of peace with our planet.

Humans. Humans are not evil. However, we must lose our humanity if we want to live on this precious Earth forever or until She decides it’s time for Her spirit to transcend to another dimension.